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How To Schedule


Scheduling is easy.

We've made it even easier by providing you with color coded prompts.

New clients (first time scheduling at Untangle Together), follow the purple prompts.

Existing clients (have scheduled at Untangle Together before and have a client portal), follow the green prompts.

Please note, especially if you've scheduled with BehaviorCoachG in the past, that things are different now.

You're a NEW CLIENT if this is your first time requesting an appointment at Untangle Together. Yes, even if we've been meeting for years. After your appointment is confirmed, you'll get access to your own personal client portal, where you will be required to sign a new agreement and complete new intake forms. You only have to do this one time though. For subsequent appointments, you'll sign in as an EXISTING CLIENT and schedule from your personal client portal.

Change can be aversive, we understand. You deserve the best level of service though, and migrating to a top of the line, HIPPA compliant Electronic Heath Records system is our way of ensuring that we provide that.



Here’s a quick video explaining the changes we’ve made to ensure you get the best quality service you deserve


No time to watch a video? Here's a quick summary:

  • As you might be aware, we started Coaching for Wavers when I was in grad school, completing my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I used to be a coach, but now I’m a Nationally Certified Counselor, dually licensed in Texas as a Professional Counselor Associate and Marriage and Family Therapy Associate, offering therapy to clients who live in Texas and coaching to clients who live outside Texas.

  • As a result, I am sunsetting Behavior coach G and starting a new practice, Untangle Together, building a team of licensed therapist to better serve you, starting with Coach B, who you will be able to schedule with from October.

  • Our old scheduling system will no longer work. We’re transitioning to an Electronic Health Records system, where you’ll have your own personal client portal, ensuring your personal information is safe.

  • If you’re wondering what coaching is, don't schedule. Please watch the video about coaching first.

  • If you’re a new joiner, a session with us is part of your onboarding. Please don’t schedule a session before then.

  • You're encouraged you to schedule with Coach B if she has availability and I don’t, and to schedule sessions when you really need them, as demand far exceeds supply at this time, while we work to get more therapists on board.

  • If you're unable to secure a spot, please join the waitlist to be notified of available openings.

  • Questions?


Here are step by step prompts:


  1. Click "Schedule Now"

  2. Select "I'm a New Client"

  3. Choose your provider and request your appointment

  4. Send an email to your selected provider for Coach G, for Coach B and for Coach R letting us know.

  5. You'll receive a confirmation email with a link to sign into your client portal and complete your intake paperwork

  6. If you haven't received an email from us after 24 hours, please check your spam folder first, then reach out



  1. Click "Schedule Now"

  2. Select "I'm an Existing Client"

  3. Sign in by requesting a link with the same email you signed up with the first time

  4. You'll receive a link almost immediately. If you don't get it, you might want to confirm that you're using the exact same email, and that it's not in your spam folder. If you still don't have it, email your provider directly and we'll work with you to fix the problem. Please do not sign in as a new client with a different email.

  5. Sign into your secure client portal, request your appointment and wait for confirmation.

  6. If you haven't received a confirmation email after 24 hours, please check your spam folder first, then reach out to your provider directly.

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