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Are you ready to begin your transformative adventure?

Schedule Your One-on-one Exploratory Session Now!

Your initial exploratory session is where you get to share the details of what's going on with me.

In this confidential one-on-one session, we explore your needs and decide we are a good fit.

Whether it's an individual, couple, family, group or consulting session, you will leave with a crystal clear idea of how our collaborative relationship will get you from where you are now, to the transformation you desire and deserve.


What to Expect:
- Location: Virtual

- Duration: 50 minutes
- Cost: $100 

*Cost and duration of subsequent sessions vary depending on your unique needs, starting at $200

Important Information:
- I am licensed to practice psychotherapy in Texas
- If you live outside Texas, I'm only able to offer you Coaching, which is similar to therapy, but excludes clinical diagnosis and treatment of disorders.

Now that we're on the same page, let's talk!


Consulting sessions targeted at exploring your unique needs outside of therapy & coaching.


I can design

Behavior Intervention Plans

tailored to your specific needs.


facilitate trainings and speak at events, virtual and in-person, across the globe.

Employee Assistance Programme

I design programs that meets the mental & emotional health needs of your team.

Have an enquiry outside of one-on-one sessions

Shoot me an email!

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