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Welcome to the
Untangle Together Virtual Village (UTVV)!

If you're looking for a safe space for mental and emotional support, you’re in the right place!


This Virtual Village was born out of my burning desire to fill the gap created by limited access to mental and emotional help. It is my passion project built for you and others like you, looking for support through Community, Access to my expertise and Resources.

It's free to join, all you have to do is apply.

What To Expect?

Resource Library

Our regularly updated Resource Library covering general mental health topics.






Our Monthly Live Workshops, where you get to choose topics you want Coach G to cover, to address your pain points, and give you practical tools you can apply immediately.


Courses to provide more detailed learning experiences tailored to your unique needs.


All Hands In

I want to apply to join the Untangle Together Virtual Village!

Thanks, your application to UTVV has been received and will be reviewed by the team! Head to your inbox now to make sure we're not in your spam. If we are, it's a good time to whitelist us so that you don't miss acceptance email.

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