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Navigating relationships with those we truly care about should be second nature, right?

But when disagreements that we're unable to resolve arise, frustration sets in, threatening the stability of these important connections.

Unlike strangers or acquaintances, our nearest and dearest require a different approach—one that bridges the gap without causing harm.


In this Small Group Workshop, I’ll deploy my therapeutic expertise to guide you step-by-step through effective conflict resolution with your loved ones.

Saturday, April 20th, 2024

12pm CST | 6pm WAT

After the Workshop, you will be equipped to:

  • Uncover Hidden Emotions: Understand the real feelings driving conflicts

  • Disagree Constructively: Learn how to express differing opinions without damaging relationships

  • Speak Your Truth: Communicate confidently about your emotions

  • Navigate Negotiations: Explore compromise and collaborative problem-solving.

Conflict does not have to ruin your relationships. Let me help you win!!

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like my clients like to call me.

I'm a Psychotherapist, and you know what lights me up? Collaborating with people to become their absolute best. 

I have spent the past ten years making hard emotional things easier for determined people like you. Together, we untangle life's twists and turns, doing the essential work of exploring, identifying, and getting unstuck from old patterns, so you can become the version of yourself you desire, and deserve to be.

Think about the real cost of not investing in the skills you need

  • Strained Bonds: Misunderstandings fester and emotional distance grows

  • Missed Opportunities: Unresolved conflicts hinder collaboration, creativity, and productivity

  • Health Impact: Chronic stress from unresolved issues affects mental and physical well-being

  • Lost Moments: Every unproductive argument steals precious time that could be spent nurturing love and connection

Don’t let these costs accumulate

Invest in your relationships NOW!! - sold_out_PNG72.png

All available spots are taken.

We're sorry you missed the chance to be the first to experience it.

But Guess what?

You'll be able to buy the course in a few short weeks. Members of UTVV get first dibs and special pricing before we open it to the public, so now's a good time to join us if you're not in already.

This is an interactive Small Group Session that will not be recorded so there are no replays.

To get the best out of our time together, please come prepared to actively participate. We’ll use interactive exercises, worksheets, role-playing scenarios and one-on-one feedback to show you how to understand and be understood in conversations.


The session was super insightful and informative. Coach G went over and beyond to pass across necessary information. I got more value than I paid for and I'm looking forward to other sessions with her.


I love that she waited for everyone and she gave it her all. It was a group session but I felt like I was there by myself.

Your investment in this program requires your active participation. Due to its nature, we can’t offer a traditional money-back guarantee. What we offer is a guarantee that if you put in the work and commit to the process, you will see results. This is the true value of the program.

Should concerns arise, we invite you to discuss them with us directly, allowing us to address and work through them together.

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