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Untangle Together Virtual Village Guidelines

At UTVV, we're committed to creating an inclusive, safe and supportive space for everyone but we can't do this without your help.

Things to note:

  • Yes, Coach G is a psychotherapist. No, Coach G is NOT your personal therapist, in the absence of a signed contract to that effect.

  • This Virtual Village is managed by a team, and as a result, confidentiality CANNOT be guaranteed in private messages. Please be mindful of sharing sensitive information, knowing others have access to them.

  • Membership in the Virtual Village doesn't make the Untangle Together Team responsible for your mental health, nor does it replace the need for professional services. All content shared here is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.

  • It is impossible to predict other people's behavior and as such, we cannot be held responsible for your choices and those of other members. Discretion is a helpful skill.


Your membership implies agreement with these terms.

Please take a moment to review the rest of our guidelines.


Respect: Address others the way you would like to be addressed. Disagreements are normal and expected. Please express your opinions courteously.

Conversations: Share with care. We share the world, and this Village, with others who do not share our values, and who may not care about our safety. Keep that in mind before you self-disclose, and as you interact with others.

Consent: Before you give advice, consider that not everyone may be open to accepting unsolicited guidance.

Report: Please report inappropriate behavior and content to the team.

Know the limitations: The Virtual Village is not designed to replace emergency services or professional care. Please seek professional services as appropriate. The Team cannot vouch for other members, please be careful.



Offensive language: Discriminatory and derogatory statements are prohibited and WILL NOT be tolerated. You WILL be removed.

Spamming: Do not spam, advertise or self-promote.


Snitching: Do not copy and post other people's personal stories shared within the community on other social platforms. Please respect people's privacy.


Criticism: The world is harsh enough already. If you can't be kind, you can be quiet.

The safety and wellbeing of the collective is more important than the hurt feelings of one person who doesn’t know how to act. Given the sensitive nature of this space, anyone posing a threat will be promptly and permanently removed.

A community is great because of the people in it.

Thank you for playing your part in keeping this Village safe for all of us.

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