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Passenger To Pilot

Mastering Control of Your Emotions in 7 Steps

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You’re tired. I know.

But tell me if this sounds familiar.

You struggle with emotional turbulence and feel like you're at the mercy of your emotions.

You’re tired of wanting to take back what you said after an argument.

Tired of hurting the people you say you love with heavy, heavy words.

Tired of losing control when emotions run high. (And it happens often, doesn't it?)

Tired of reacting impulsively to external stressors, and feeling drained.

It truly is draining. I know because I’ve been there. 

But here’s why I’m so hopeful: Just as I hit rock bottom and then turned my life around when I decided to learn to do better, YOU—all on your own—have finally acknowledged you need help too.

Help getting unstuck from the seemingly never-ending loop of emotional outbursts.

Help de-escalating when everything around you calls for escalation.

You NEED to do better and you know it. But where do you start?


By training your brain to pause. To wait. To react differently.

You spend four years in school for a degree, guided by a curriculum. That degree gets you a job that pretty much sets you up for life.

How about your favorite hobby? You work hard every day to improve at it.

Yet, you leave your brain to its own devices?

Your actions are only as good as what you know. The more you learn and practice, the better you become.

We teach ourselves to write, to speak, to talk, to cook.

But when do we teach ourselves to think, feel, listen, de-stress?

I have the curriculum.

You can’t simply wish you were better—you have to learn it. And as adults, there’s also a lot to unlearn.

It's time to take control and become the pilot of your own destiny.

It's time to go from Passenger To Pilot.

“Passenger To Pilot? What’s that about?”

Three words. Your way out.

"Passenger To Pilot" is a structured program that combines cognitive-behavioral strategies with therapeutic techniques. It helps you recognize early signs of emotional turbulence and provides practical tools to stay calm and in control during high-stress situations.

With this program, you'll learn how to:


  • Recognize and manage emotional triggers

  • Develop mindfulness and self-awareness

  • Set healthy boundaries and prioritize self-care

  • Decode your emotional signals and tap into your inner strength

  • Unleash your resilience and confidence

  • Take control of your life and unlock your full potential

A Seven-Step Self-Paced Program

Learn at your own pace. It’s a seven-step program but take your time with it. No pressure.

Practical Steps

Interactive worksheets to help you apply your new skills in real-life situations

90 Days Access

Revisit whenever you need a refresher or to reinforce your learning, within 90 days.

Optional Personalized Support

You get optional personalized support from me in a one-on-one session. This is a recommended add-on.

  • Looking for a quick fix to years of unresolved trauma

  • Not ready to take responsibility for your actions as an adult

  • Not willing to invest time in changing the way you think

  • Very comfortable with how your emotions are

It took me years to create this seven-step program. I’m giving you access today, trusting you’ll use it to effectively manage your emotional reactions.

It’s in your hands now. That change you desperately seek.

That version of you that thinks before acting.

That version of you that loved ones don’t walk on eggshells around.

Yes, it's possible to stay calm in arguments. Trust me. I used to lash out when I felt attacked and say and do things I really didn’t mean.

But apologies don't fix broken relationships. Only changed behavior does. A fresh start.

Only you can train your brain. But I can hold your hand through it.

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