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Untangle Together

Therapy & Coaching

Untangle Together is a Therapy and Coaching practice, where we collaborate with you to untangle life’s complications.
People seek professional help for various reasons.
Whether driven by the desire to become better partners, parents, and leaders, or by the pressure of navigating tough life events like losing a loved one, battling addiction, or a relationship hitting the rocks,  we all want to reduce suffering and improve our lives.
Life transitions and big decisions, such as career changes, parenthood, marriage, or migrating to a new country, can also prompt us to seek clarity and support.
Life can get messy, leaving us feeling like we are stuck in a maze. We can all benefit from mental and emotional support.
No matter your situation, reaching out is a brave choice.

We’re glad you’re here!

Hi, I'm Gbemi, or Coach G, as my clients like to call me.
I'm a Psychotherapist, and you know what lights me up? Collaborating with people determined to become their absolute best.

Together, we untangle life's twists and turns, doing the essential work of exploring, identifying, and getting unstuck from old patterns, so you can become the version of yourself you desire, and deserve to be.

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Are you ready to begin your transformative adventure?

Ask Coach G Live Workshop


Ask Coach G Live is our free monthly Workshop that provides you with access to Coach G’s expertise. She covers topics around mental health, addressing your pain points and giving you practical tools you can apply immediately.

Untangle Together Resources

The Untangle Together Youtube Channel provides you with access to Coach G’s expertise through video resources and live recordings from the monthly Ask Coach G Live Workshops. We cover topics around mental health, giving you practical tools you can apply immediately.

Untangle Together Virtual Village (UTVV)

If you're looking for a safe space for mental and emotional support, you’re in the right place!


This Virtual Village was born out of my burning desire to fill the gap created by limited access to mental and emotional help. It is my passion project built for you and others like you, looking for support through Community, Access to my expertise and Resources.

It's free to join, all you have to do is apply.

Therapy and Coaching

As a licensed psychotherapist, I offer Therapy to clients in Texas and Coaching outside Texas.

Both offerings are similar except that clinical diagnosis and treatment of disorders are only offered in therapy.

Our initial exploratory session is where you get to share the details of what's going on with me, and we get to determine if I am a right fit for your needs.


One-on-one sessions to work through your concerns, individually.


Sessions with your partner to work through your relationship concerns, together.


Sessions to work through your concerns, as a family



Sessions to work through your common concerns, as a


Have needs that go beyond Therapy and Coaching?

Autism & Neurodivergence

Being Board Certified in Applied Behavior Analysis equips me to offer Parent Training and Behavior Modification services.



I offer Corporate Consulting for companies, from Needs Assessments, to creating customized Employee Assistance Programs.



I offer Consulting for film and other media projects to ensure more accurate portrayals of the experiences and diagnoses of individuals coping with mental health.


I facilitate workshops and speak at virtual and in-person events, bringing my expertise on topics ranging from Parenting and Relationships, to Emotional Intelligence, to spark meaningful conversations.

Let me help you, your family, organization and project thrive with my specialized expert support.

Schedule your exploratory session NOW and let's get started!

We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.

Brené Brown

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