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About Coaching For Wavers


Curious? Here's a quick video explaining what coaching is:


No time to watch a video? Here's a summary:

  • We're a team of licensed therapists, contracted by your company to provide you with coaching sessions.

  • Coaching is not therapy, as it excludes the clinical diagnosis and treatment of disorders. Therapists in the US are licensed by state, we provide therapy only to clients resident in the states we are licensed in, and coaching to clients resident elsewhere, allowing us to provide the same quality of service without a formal diagnosis. 

  • While your company is the paying party, you are our client. Our duty of confidentiality is to you, and with the exception of concerns about your safety and the safety of others, or if required to do so by law, we don’t share your information.

  • This service is not mandatory. You don’t have to schedule a session if you don’t need one. If you’re unable to make your session, please cancel so the spot can be offered to someone on the waitlist.

  • Sessions are not limited to work related issues, you can use the one hour session you get each month for whatever you need. Our mental and emotional health needs may vary, but everyone benefits from help and support.

  • Calendars open on to everyone on the1st of each month to ensure fairness. You'll get a notification from HR. Spots fill up quickly though, so you might want to set a reminder for yourself. If you're unable to secure a spot, please join the waitlist to be notified of available openings.

  • Questions?

Now that you’re familiar with the program, you’re ready to schedule.

How To Schedule

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