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Our Services

Therapy services are only available within the state of Texas and coaching services to anyone from anywhere in the world. Other services include Employee Assistance Program, Consulting, speaking engagements and behavior modification.


Our sessions are one-on-one, hourly video calls on Zoom and initial exploratory sessions to determine if we are a good fit cost $100. We are able to offer cost saving packages and these can be discussed during exploratory sessions. 



Level up to your truest potential and untangle life’s complexities with our trained Coaches and Therapists. 

Through these sessions, we can collaborate with you to improve your performance through stimulating and interactive interactions as you journey to your best self. We can also diagnose and resolve limiting beliefs and combine evidence based treatment methods to equip you with practical tools to address trauma, heal from the past and improve the future.



Elevate your partnership by understanding your partner’s quirks, improving your communication, and discovering creative ways to engage each other, and others as a unit.


In our couple sessions, we offer an unbiased, safe space where you can unpack as we untangle the complexities you might have as a team.



We do not choose our family, but they are our family.

Our experienced Therapists and Coaches are trained to work with you and your family to resolve any myriad of family complexities from issues between parents and children, children struggling with the current stage or aftermath of a divorce, separation or loss.

One thing is guaranteed, the objective is an improved and more wholesome relationship with your family - individual members and the whole group.



Learn about yourself and members of your group by deepening your shared connection, resolving common problems and defining your collective goal.

In these group sessions, we provide an enabling environment for people to come together as a group and engage in creative problem solving while creating a course of action that everyone can identify with and implement, even individually.

Other Services

Employee Assistance Program

Optimize the capacity of your workforce with our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This work-based intervention programme is specially tailored to your organization to ensure that we provide the most robust and holistic emotional and mental support for your dream team.


Where does it hurt? Even if you don’t know the answer, our one-on-one consultations will dig deep with you as we figure it out, together.

Speaking Engagements

Refine your perspective and revolutionize your mindset by inviting our team of experts to speak at virtual or in-person events.


Get the results that you want using our specialized treatment approach to replace the behaviours that don’t serve you.

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