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Let’s Get Started

One-on-one Exploratory Session 50 minutes (Virtual)

Our initial exploratory session is where I get to meet you, you get to tell me what’s going on, and we can both determine if we are a good fit. 


Exploratory sessions cost $100*

Subsequent sessions cost $150

*You have the option to pay in Naira, at the flat rate of N750/$1. 


Here's an important stipulation

I am licensed to practice therapy in Texas.

If you live outside Texas, the service I am able to offer you is coaching.

While coaching is similar to therapy, it is fundamentally different in that it excludes the clinical diagnosis and treatment of disorders. The licensing requirements for therapists in the United States vary from state to state and while my license does not preclude me from working with clients outside Texas, I am making the choice to refrain from offering my clinical services to non residents, allowing the provision of the same quality of service without a formal diagnosis to clients who do not require one, while complying with the regulations of the licensing board.

This clarification is necessary because it is important to me that my clients are able to make an informed choice.


Another important note:

Exploratory sessions are prepaid.

Scheduling reserves your appointment.

Reservations are confirmed by payment.

Unconfirmed reservations automatically cancel after 24 hours to free up spots for others.

You're encouraged to please reserve your appointment only when you're ready to confirm it.

Payment information is in the confirmation email you will automatically receive after scheduling.

You can email with any questions, concerns and/or payment details.

Now that we're on the same page, let’s get started!

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