Mastering My Emotions. Regulating Myself (Wavers)

What You'll Discover

What you’ll discover: - Your upstairs and downstairs brain - Understand the neuroscience of feelings and behavior, become familiar with your brainstem, amygdala and prefrontal cortex and know what's really going on when you flip your lid. - How to understand your emotions - Know how to identify and label your emotions, recognize what purpose they serve and how to harness them for your benefit. - How to Self Regulate - Learn the difference between reacting and responding, as you make the switch from "look what they made me do" to "here's how I'm choosing to respond". - Get the outcome you prefer - Learn about Goal Focused Decision Making and how to use your preferred outcome to guide your choices. What you’ll get: - A 50 minute video simplifying the complex neuroscience, and providing you practical steps you can begin to implement right away - A presentation with points that you can refer to again and again - A worksheet, to help you as you put your learnings into practice after the course, is concluded. Purchase Instructions: As a Waver, this is available at no cost to you. Simply sign up with your email, create a password (make sure you use one you can remember, you'll need it to login if you want to finish later), and you'll be redirected to the video. You'll know it's the right one because it'll have "(Wavers)" added to the title.

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